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All-Over Hydrating Mist™

M-ceuticals All-Over Hydrating Mist™  is a refreshing treatment which provides a fabulous, healthy glow as it enables contiunous, automatic hydration.

Organic cucumber provides a touch of mildly fragrant moisture while naturally-sourced hyaluronic acid does its job as the best-known, non-greasy humectant.

The very fine mist is practically weightless yet envigorating.

All-Over Hydrating Mist™ is the ideal final step in your skincare regimen and a pleasant rejuvenater anytime of day or night.

Spray from a few inches away over face as well as neck, hands and body; it even perks up and tames hair.

This mCeuticals™ product is therapeutic for all normal, sensitive and dry skin types.

2 fl. oz

All-Over Hydrating Mist™

  • SIMPLIFY: You might not need a traditional moisturizer!  Try the All Over Hydrating Mist in its place. Def a great choice if you don't like a heavy feel or if your skin tends to be oily.

  • Don't be afraid of product landing in your hair. A bit of the airborne Hydrating Mist will take down fly-aways and frizz and fortify hair without weighing it down.  Use it intentionally, from an arm's length, on the bottom half of your hair.  Or spray it onto a comb or brush and gently pull through.

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