Raisin-Spice Exfoliant Facial Polish™

Raisin-Spice Exfoliant is a fine grain POLISH formulated to remove buildup and dead skin cells from the delicate surface of the face. A scrub is too coarse to effectively lift and remove the tiny particulates of this area. It expedites encourages cell turnover to reveal a plumper, healthy glow. Gently and thoroughly buffs off microscopic, expired, dull skin, discoloration and fine lines. Leaves a light, protective moisture barrier.

Generous size 2.25 oz amber glass jar with protective inner tab liner and spatula makes for a fabulous gift presentation for men and women.

Raisin-Spice Exfoliant Facial Polish™

  • Firmly massage onto slightly damp skin in continuous circular motions. Thoroughly rinse. Gently pat dry. Additional moisturizer may be added if desired.


    • Begin with a wet face/neck or wet hands.  (Too much water will over-dilute the product and diminish efficacy.)
    • Use the mini spatula to coax about a teaspoon into palm. Or just grab a generous pinch.
    • Distriubte polish between hands and massage onto face and neck in small, circular motions.  Use consistent, firm pressure but never tug at skin.
    • It will take 1-2 minutes to effectively cover the entire area.  The polish texture will change from smooth and "pastey" to more "crumbly" or "grainy."  ...Best to go by feel, with eyes closed to avoid irritation.
    • Thoroughly rinse making sure to flush the eye area.
    • Waith a few minutes before deciding whether to add additional moisturizer or product(s).

    It is not unusual to notice additional, light exfoliation (shedding) while cleansing over the following day or two.

    Stay tuned for a 10 second how-to video demo-COMING SOON.